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by GaryTun


Nintendo launched its Wiiware service first in Japan in March 2008, spreading to the US and Europe the following May. While Nintendo had launched the Wii with the Virtual Console, a system for downloading Retro titles, the games on WiiWare are all new and often unique to the system.

Through the Wii’s Shop Channel the user is able to download games to play. Instead of using different currencies, transactions are all carried out using Wii Points which the user can purchase through the WiiShop or from codes purchased from cards at retailers.

Despite being the last of the download services to launch, WiiWare has already come out punching with some notable titles like Final Fantasy: My Life as a King and LostWinds, firmly cementing Nintendo’s place in the future of the DLC market.

The WiiWare store is typically updated every Monday or Friday, depending on your region.