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by GaryTun


Run, Drive, Fly, Fight—Online war awaits!

The long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit takes flight on the PlayStation 3. In Warhawk, players will experience a true full-scale war in an intense online multiplayer arena. Take to the skies and engage in high-speed aerobatic dogfights or hover to provide crucial aerial support to surging ground troops. Unleash an artillery assault with heavily armored tanks and all terrain vehicles. Advance on-foot to frontline positions and key locations with an array of devastating weapons, mounted guns and emplaced defense turrets.

Players 2-32
Released: 2007

Additional expansion packs have been released for this game adding extra vehicles and maps at extra cost.


Warhawk is a bit more involved than the usual content released to date on the PlayStation Network. A commitment to Sony’s digital delivery plans, aside from a commercial Blu-Ray release it was also put on the PSN at the same time. As a full release game it’s a little bit more involved and costly than the usual Arcade releases but that certainly doesn’t make it any less deserving of being covered.

Multiplayer only, players take control of a solider in the Eucadian and Chernovan armies. Naturally the objective is to destroy the opposing side and win the round, but how you achieve this is pretty much left up to you.

Enjoy slugging it out on foot with rifle, shotgun or machine gun? Prefer to take to the skies in a Warhawk aircraft to strafe approaching ground units or get locked in a dogfight high above the ground to thin out their air support? Feel like providing long range artillery support in a tank or defending your base by manning an anti-aircraft turret? All these choices and there and more besides. It’s this freedom to play attack, defence or support in whatever role you want that makes Warhawk a varied experience.

Play modes are all version of already well established modes, so as well as Deathmatch (both Solo and Team) and Capture the Flag, there are also twists like Dogfight games which allow only Warhawks to fight it out in the skies. Thankfully there is also a good mixture of different styled maps to accompany them and help keep things interesting. The maps even scale in size to accommodate the current number of players, getting bigger as the player number increases.

Battles are epic in scale and extremely intense thanks to it supporting up to 32 players, but rather than being a free for all teamwork is a definite requirement. Units and their weapons are all well balanced with strength and weaknesses meaning that no one tactic or weapon will win out. Players must work as a team if they are to stand any chance of surviving and must also make good use of all available weapons in order to secure victory. Games also require a good balance of tactics in assaulting the enemy, securing bases to allow for rapid deployment of reinforcements and defending your own.

Winning games and carrying out certain actions rewards the player with medals which increase their rank. This in turn unlocks various skins for the Warhawks and customization elements for the soldiers, acting as a great incentive for the player to earn them and display their ranking on the battlefield. There is also clan support for those who want to further enhance their team building skills.

There’s immense satisfaction to be had from experiences such as pushing back a heavy enemy assault, locking on to a troublesome Warhawk that’s been obliterating your troops and blasting them out of the sky, or screaming across the map in a Warhawk before bailing out and capturing an enemy position. It’s moments like these that make the game memorable and there are plenty of them to go around each time you play.

The mixture of match types, units and tactics mean Warhawk has something for everyone no matter what their playing style and making it a must play title for anyone who loves multiplayer games or is just a fan of good old fashioned action.