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Prince of Persia Classic Review

by GaryTun

Prince of Persia Classic


Prince of Persia Classic is a remake of the original 1989 title, often referred to as THE game that kick-started the platforming genre. This new version features updated character designs, animations, visuals, and lighting effects, all transforming the game into a fresh, close to 3-dimensional look.

Players: 1
Released: 2007 (XBLA) / 2008 (PSN)

Reviewed January 2009 by Jamie Davies

Prince of Persia is unarguably a classic from a bygone era and Gameloft, having cut their teeth on conversions for mobile phones, have done a great job in giving it a visual tart up for the Live Arcade / PSN release. Using assets inspired by the more recent Ubisoft title Sands of Time, here the original is given a fresh feel, while retaining the gameplay fundamentals which first brought it to the world’s attention.

This is little more than an extremely attractive spit and polish, so the basic controls and problems from the original release haven’t changed. Innovative at the time, this incarnation is just as fussy with the positioning of the Prince in making those life and death jumps or slowly tiptoeing through spike traps. The combat is just as infuriating with its requirement for split second timing. This puts Prince of Persia in the odd situation of looking new but feeling old. While those who have played the game before will know what to expect, this odd juxtaposition will undoubtedly baffle those who have never had the opportunity to play it.

With plenty of head-scratching puzzles and fiendish traps, newcomers will certainly enjoy the adventure. The inclusion of a speed run mode will delight those who like that sort of thing but because the whole game doesn’t really add anything nothing new to the gameplay or storyline, old hands will already know what’s coming and where to go next.

This means they’ll gain little more from it than a heady sense of nostalgia.