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by GaryTun

Pixel Junk Monsters


Inspired by the popular and addictive “tower defense” genre, PixelJunk Monsters takes the simple real-time strategy concept of building, researching and base defending and presents it in a uniquely attractive style. The player controls a defender-of-the-forest character in a lush 2D environment. and the goal is to strategically defend the pathway to his homebase from an onslaught of various threatening monsters. In between waves of monster attacks, the player scrambles to reinforce his defenses by collecting gold coins and jewels from fallen enemies to finance new towers and research deadlier weapons. Eventually, the player can harness the elements throughout the 20 different stages to cast lightning storms across the forest.

Players 1-2 
Released: 2008

UK Price: £4.99
US Price: $9.99