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Everybody’s Putter Golf with TORO

by GaryTun

Everybody's Putter Gold with Toro Review

Players: 1-2
Released: December 2008

Reviewed April 2009 by Keith Murray

The excellent Everybody’s Golf (EG’s) series is a firm favourite with gamers, with a dedicated following in all corners of the world. The distinctly Japanese character, Toro, is Sony’s mascot for that territory and commands a cult following. Surely placing these two distinct characters together in a PlayStation Network game would be a marriage made in heaven? Unfortunately this isn’t the case with Everybody’s Putter Golf with TORO.

Everybody's Putter Golf with TORO Review

The basic premise is to negotiate nine mini golf putting greens with EG’s lead character Jasmine in tow, just to facilitate the flimsy premise that this is in some way related to the series. With the ability to play with a friend in multiplayer, or to go a few rounds with a computer controlled partner, the dearth of modes on offer is shocking to say the least. The courses themselves are a curious mixture of straight forward and downright stupid and will cause the player to give up long before the final ball is putted.

Unfortunately this isn’t the worst aspect of the game by a long margin. Once again, terrible SIXAXIS integration rears its ugly head under the guise of “real shot”. The idea is to swing the controller to one side and then, once the strength of shot has been determined, it should be swung back in the opposite direction to take the shot. This might work in theory, until the player stands in the middle of their living room, doing a laughable impression of they type of person who fears the ringing of their doorbell as the nice men in white jackets that button up the back come to take them away.

To say that it doesn’t work is a massive understatement. Maybe one time out of five the shot will, but never at the desired strength. That the game mechanics are so utterly rotten makes playing it a complete waste of time. Of course the more traditional control method can be used, but this just highlights the lack of any kind of depth within.

As an exercise in cross platform promotion, Everybody’s Putter Golf with TORO is a complete waste of time. The broken controls, coupled with the complete lack of game modes, make this game an over-priced curiosity which does more harm than good to both characters used.