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by GaryTun

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PlayStation Store Logo

Launched in conjunction with Sony’s PlayStation 3 console in 2007, the PlayStation Store is part of the PSN (PlayStation Network) which allows users to download content to the PS3’s Hard Disk Drive via their ADSL connection.

Unlike Xbox Live’s service PS Store transactions are all carried out in local currency making it easier to see at a glance how much you’re spending. Money can be funded to a users account to their virtual wallet via credit card, or by inputting codes from cards which are available to buy in some regions.

Games feature classic titles but there is a heavy emphasis on original titles that are not available on other formats. Despite launching two years behind the Live Arcade the PlyStation Store has quickly caught up in terms of content with a good mixture of genres and something for everyone.

Games for the PlayStation Store are currently added every Tuesday / Wednesday depending on the region.