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by GaryTun


In TiQal, you have been chosen to make an epic journey through many obstacles to seek the help of the gods. The village of TiQal is in deep trouble! Build up multiple squares to score bonus points and unlock helpful power-ups. Do you have the skill and courage to complete your quest and save TiQal from certain destruction?

Number of Players: 1-2Released: 2008


Best described and Zuma meets Tetris, meets Lumines, we could stop right there with this review as it tells you everything you need to know.

For those who want a bit more explanation for their mouse click TiQal is, unsurprisingly, a puzzle game. Using the sliding cradle at the top of the screen the player must drop the coloured shapes into the level to match those already on the screen and arrange them into 44 squares. These blocks are then periodically removed to reduce the ever advancing wall from reaching the top of the screen and ending the game.

The player completes stages by building the required number of blocks. Scoring enough points releases power-ups that, when caught with the cradle, allow the player to wipe away lines of blocks or blast chunks out of the wall, giving them a bit of breathing space.

Alongside the single player campaign, which spits out interesting little facts about Incan civilisation in between stages, the game also features an online portion which lets players compete against one another or play co-operatively, which is a nice addition.

It isn’t that TiQal does anything wrong or offensive but rather that it doesn’t really do anything new either. Its content has been seen before but spread over a number of different games which, if you like puzzlers, you’ve probably already played.

That said if you’re in the market for a Mayan themed puzzle game which will offer some solid entertainment then TiQal will be just what you’re looking for.