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PlayStation Network Game of the Year 2008

by GaryTun

PSN Game of the Year 2008

2008 was the year that the PlayStation Network hit its stride. After a shaky launch,  Sonys platform started to show real promise and a flare for producing polished and often unique titles that seemed to be missing from the other services. It may be a little bit hit and miss (Sonys management of the Store updates needs a lot of work to compete with Microsofts unified launches) but it shows that with continued support a service can grow and flourish. Just like our top five games of 2008 on XBLA, narrowing this years PSN titles down meant a lot of shouting and stamping of feet. Heres what we eventually got it down to.

5. Dark Mist

Dark Mist

Oozing bags of Zelda-esque charm along with some addictive gameplay, Dark Mist was one of 2008s lesser known, but no less deserving, titles on the PSN. A mixture of top down shooter, and dungeon crawler its a shame that the game largely went unnoticed.