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Character Select Network: Console Arcade’s Picks of April 2012

by GaryTun

Here we are again its reached that time of the month when we take a look at our picks for the best content from the other members of the Character Select Network from the last thirty or so days.

We wont waste your time with waffle, you can find our selections below happy readings!

Binary Domain Review

Joshua Garrity reviews Sega latest release, the western flavored sci-fi shooter with more robots and guns than you could shake a stick at.

Binary Domain does have its share of flaws, and a lot of its more unique ideas don’t really amount to much. Yet when it comes down to the basic fundamentals of what makes a third person shooter worth while this game really shines. And all that is wrapped up in a sense of style and characterisation you don’t get from most third person shooters.


Cane & Rinse podcast Episode 30: Eternal Darkness

Meanwhile, over on their podcast, the Cane and Rinse team take a look at seminal Gamecube title Eternal Darkness arguably Silicon Knights finest moment.

In 2002 Silicon Knights produced this GameCube exclusive survival horror yarn. Leon, Tony, Karl and Darren Gargette return to the Roivas mansion to discover whether or not this Lovecraft infused adventure remains as startling as it was ten years ago.


Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Loz Masters takes a look at the latest entry in the Silent Hill series to see if it can resurrect its former fortunes or if its just a damp squib

When you visit the same town over and over again, its hard to get still get wowed by anything it has to offer. Doing it in game has the exact same effect unless some real overhauling is done. The residents are weaker, the enemies are less original, and the attempts at making you feel isolated and vulnerable often just make you a little frustrated.


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review

While Dan Bendon takes a look of the updated console release of the Witcher 2 for Xbox 360.

The question of morality is also tackled in a more mature way, throughout the game you will be given choices that, even though you are well informed about the situation, will not be clearly defined as good or bad. Often it is just a choice that will lead to events playing out in a particular way that could not have been predicted one way or the other.

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