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October’s Best Xbox LIVE Indie Games

by GaryTun

Strange month. A month in which Xbox Indie devs were, kind of, shunted aside in favour of Windows Mobile 7 devs. The Creators Club closed and the App Hub opened in its place; all of the bugs that were there before remained. Every cloud, though, and Mommy’s Best Games managed to turn the situation to their advantage and get a decent amount of press by refusing to release Explosionade until the problems were fixed. Naturally the “fix�? lasted a matter of days before it broke again, was fixed, broke again…

You can buy any of these games via xbox.com by clicking the link associated with each game, or on the Games Marketplace on your Xbox 360. Simply enter the marketplace and scroll up to Indie Games, where you can check the top rated titles, the games that have just come out, or “browse�? to find the games mentioned in this thread. Indie Game trials last eight minutes, which is often enough to establish what you think about it. Even if you don’t buy any of these games, at least trial them, tell people what you think, get more people trying them.

Go. Play. Enjoy. Tell us what you think! Tell all your friends! Get them to tell all their friends…

(Xbox LIVE Indie Games are available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. If you’re outside those countries you can still play these games by setting up a Gamertag for free for one of those countries. It’s worth doing.)