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Grab the remixed Cave Story soundtrack – for free!

by GaryTun

Ah Cave Story, what a lovely little game it is. It’s just a chronic shame that Nicalis and Nintendo seem to have lost the plot somewhat when it comes to bringing the game to Europe.

So if you’re in PAL-land, sitting there pining and patiently twiddling you thumbs, why not take the time to grab the soundtrack to the game. It’s been officially released by Nicalis and for free too! Just click here to download it.

Regular readers of the site will know that I love a good soundtrack and the remixed one for Cave Story is up there with the best.

And what of the actual game coming to Europe? Well, Nicalis did announce on their Twitter last month that the game had been given an PEGI rating, which surely means they’ve pulled their fingers out and it could be coming soon… just make sure not to hold your breath for too long.