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Preview – Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game

by GaryTun

Comic book. Movie. Videogame. The usual progression for a media IP in these times is entirely applicable to Scott Pilgrim, although it wasn’t perhaps the most obvious subject material.

Taking its cue from the second book in the series, the associated videogame is a side scroller where you and up to three of your friends can take the role of Scott and three of his own pals, dishing out righteous vengeance upon the seven evil ex-boyfriends of Ramona Flowers, the object of Scott’s affection.

The game was available to play at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, albeit in the limited form of a one level demo, offering a short preview of Scott’s upcoming adventures. In traditional fashion for a game of this genre,  you progress from left to right, beating up everyone you come across. Controls are the typical light attack, heavy attack, jump and block, with a special move assigned to the shoulder buttons. There are a plethora of objects that can be picked up and used, with light attack utilising them in a jab move and heavy attack causing them to be thrown across the screen. Most enemies were fairly easy to defeat, but the sheer number of them is generally what provided the challenge during our short playtime. This is tempered by the money they drop which can, apparently, be spent in the between-level shops found in the full release, offering various items to boost your health and powers.

The fact that the music is done by well-known chiptune outfit Anamanaguchi, and the visuals by Paul “Pirate Baby Cabana Battle” Robertson, is the icing on the cake. However the gameplay, developed internally at Ubisoft, is scarily similar to The Behemoth’s hit, Castle Crashers. Similarities included (but are not limited to) levelling up; earning new moves when levelling such as dash attacks and a `ground and pound` a la Double Dragon; damage figures appearing out of enemies as you wail on them; reviving fallen comrades; special magic attacks unique to each character; and sections which require speed over power. There is even a little nod to the Konami side-scrollers of old, with boss characters glowing when they are closer to defeat.

This similarity doesn’t qualify as a bad thing per se – the demo was a perfect warm-up and, if indicative of the final product, then it should be a hit. It’s just that anyone who has played The Behemoth’s game to death might find things a little too similar for their liking. However, who knows what else lies in store later on, or what other modes might be available outside of the main story mode, to keep the game fresh.

To find out we’ll have to wait until Scott Pilgrim: The Videogame arrives on PSN and XBLA in a few short weeks (10th August and 25th August respectively). Based on the small slice which we played, there was already a lot to look forward to.