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Cave confirms Guwange coming to all XBLA regions

by GaryTun

Whenever a more `obscure`(and I use that term loosely) Japanese developer announces they’re working on a niche title for XBLA, there’s always a bit of a blind panic on the Internet that people outside of Japan aren’t going to get to play it.

Although it’s been known that Guwange, Cave’s vertical scrolling cult shmup, will be coming to Microsoft’s download service since May, people have still be ringing their hands worrying that they may never get to play it.

Well, if you’re one of those people, ring those hands no longer (and get some salve to help soothe them) because Cave have today confirmed the release will be available for everyone, everywhere.

The news was broken via Twitter

Our Xbox360 producer Makoto Asada has announced today that Guwange will be released for XBLA internationally

with a link to a post which loudly proclaimed:-

As we receive many E-mails from overseas, Guwange will be released for Xbox 360 as Xbox live arcade title.

Guwange will be localized in English and will be available at all over the world.

The release date and price are not yet decided.

We appreciate for many fans from overseas.


Makoto Asada

There may not be an official release date, but it’s worth bearing in mind that in the four and a bit year’s that XBLA has existed, less than a handful of titles on the service haven’t actually arrived in other Western regions at the same time as their Japanese release. The Japanese release is currently mooted for some time in July but regardless of whenever it arrives, this is  good news indeed!

Now where’s my tube of salve…