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Atlus & Frozenbyte bringing Trine 2 to XBLA

by GaryTun

So after a lot of will they, won’t they during last year, it looks like Atlus and Frozenbyte weren’t lying when they said Trine isn’t coming to anything other than PC and PSN.

First it was coming to XBLA. Then it wasn’t. Then they announced that more Trine of some sort was on the way. Now, while they won’t get to play the original, XBLA users get to jump straight to the second game instead. And we imagine PSN and PC users will once again get a slice of the fantasy pie.

The title, imaginatively titled Trine 2 for now, is currently in development and that’s as much as they’re willing to say. It’s certainly good news for all those still lamenting the game not arriving on the Xbox.

We hope that they’ll have more info on the game very soon, since we were quite partial to the first.