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Toki remake coming to XBLA

by GaryTun

Totally out of the blue comes the news that French developers Golgoth Studios are working on a HD remake of classic game, Toki.

As the man who’s been turned into an ape by a malicious Wizard, and who must battle his way through the levels to rescue the captured Princess, Toki was first released waaaay back in 1989 in the Arcades. Naturally after all this time it needs a bit of jazzing up visually, so the game is being redrawn with a new art style. Be sure to check out the fantastic looking screenshots on the developers website, which offers a nifty `then and now` comparison.

The game is also coming to the PC but there’s no news of when we can expect the game to arrive – expect more info as soon as we have it.

Update: Golgoth Studios have just added the first footage of it in motion.