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Weekend Review: Sam & Max and Space Invaders Extreme

by GaryTun

Sam & Max Save the World

“If you’re old enough to remember the original Sam & Max title on the PC the first time around, then there’s a very good chance you hold it in high regard. Launched in that bygone age of gaming when `point and click` adventures were at their peak, Sam & Max Hit the Road perfectly captured the off the wall crime solving duo. It also introduced a whole new audience to their surreal crime solving adventures and unique brand of obscure humour…”

Space Invaders Extreme

“Space Invaders; probably one of the most ubiquitous games ever created. Occupying a place in the affections of whole different generations is some feat, but a position that Taito`s finest has no problem filling. Though the years haven`t been particularly kind to the franchise, with some decidedly suspect sequels that attempted to refresh the title but failed…”