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Euro WiiWare Update: Gradius Rebirth & Bit Boy!!

by GaryTun

Out today in Europe:

Gradius Rebirth –  600 Nintendo Points

Blast your way through levels filled with alien spaceships and otherworldly creatures in this retro side-scrolling shooter. Pick your weapons carefully and upgrade them to create a devastating arsenal of space-aged weapons that will aid you in your challenging mission. Players can post their high scores to worldwide leader boards via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and see where they rank against all the other Gradius ReBirth players. Test your skills with Gradius ReBirth and see if you have what it takes to beat this action-packed arcade shooter

It’s interesting to note that the delay in getting the game to Europe seems to have resulted in a cheaper price point than the 1000 Nintendo Points it cost in other regions.

Bit Boy – 600 Nintendo Points

Bit Boy!!, is a totally new kind of game mix in which one-pixel-hero Kubi rushes through the whole history of videogames in order to save his pixel pals. Players accompany Kubi in this totally crazy-pixellated retro journey and battle hordes of nasty monsters in 4-bit dungeons, 8-bit caves, 16-bit strongholds, 32-bit mazes, 64-bit arenas and 128-bit worlds.

The Virtual Console also gets the SNES game Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen and the Megadrive title Pulseman, for 900 Nintendo Points each.