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Battlefield 1943 coming to PSN & XBLA next week

by GaryTun

Official confirmed by developers DICE, next Wednesday and Thursday will see the launch of Battlefield 1943 on XBLA and PSN respectively. In an inimitable PR stylee ,Gordon Van Dyke (a producer on the game)  said:

“Battlefield 1943 is going to change consumer expectations of what a downloadable game can be. By offering Frostbite’s next generation destruction technology with a full Vehicle Warfare FPS multiplayer experience at a mere 560MB, Battlefield 1943 sets a new standard. Our goal is to blow people away with a fully accessible, retail-calibre game for veteran Battlefield fans and shooter fans alike…”

The game is confirmed to cost 1200Microsoft Points on XBLA and £9.99 on PSN.