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Euro WiiWare Update: Another Multiple Choice Blowout

by GaryTun

It’s another mega selection for this Fridays update to the European WiiWare Service. You can grab:-

Art Style: ROTOHEX – 600 Nintendo Points

Use coloured triangular panels to create a vibrant mosaic of stained glass in Art Style: ROTOHEX. As triangles fall from the top of the screen, rotate them to group six panels of the same colour and create a matching hexagon, or HEX. Once the HEX has been formed, it will disappear, allowing the existing panels to shift and more panels to fill the playing field.

A clear-cut goal and two different styles of intuitive controls allow you to focus solely on the game play-which is vital, as the playing field will be full of panels before you know it. With multiple modes (unlock more as you progress further in SOLO mode), special item panels at your disposal, and the ability to play cooperatively or competitively with a friend, there will always be another HEX to create.

Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 – 1000 Nintendo Points

Move over, generically buff action heroes! Strong Bad is here to show you how it’s done in his hand crafted cinematic masterpiece, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. You play Dangeresque, a dirty cop in pursuit of a little action and several big sacks of cash. Can our hero stay alive long enough to defeat his archnemesis, save the world, and get the girl?

Pit Crew Panic! – 800 Nintendo Points

Players can choose to play solo and race against the clock or play against their friends to see whose all-female pit crew can hammer, screw and wrench the fastest on a giant broken wedding cake! Inspired grease monkeys can even play online and see whose girls can out-fix their opponents on an aircraft carrier, a broken toilet, a pot of sunflowers, a car with a cake under its hood and many more zany “WHATSITS”!

Players can also help out their pit crew girls in sticky fix-it situations by using their Wii Remote just like a real pit crew tool. Just like any good grease monkey would use a screwdriver, wrench or other pit crew tools, players can use the Wii Remote to hammer away with up and down swings or tighten bolts with a turn of the wrist. There is also a handy tutorial to help players figure out not just how to play the game, but also how to go as fast as they can when fixing all the wacky “WHATSITS” in the game!

Bang! – 600 Nintendo Points

A casual game with very addictive gameplay. Using the unique Wii Remote controller functionality, players must click on groupings of three or more of the same kind of fruit in order to make them disappear and score points. Bang! supports a two-player battle mode.