Dear friends,

As many of you will have noticed, Console Arcade has been a tad barren the past couple of months. A series of outside factors (namely real life) have prevented us from devoting our time fully to the site, leaving it feeling a bit careworn.

With this in mind it's with a very heavy heart that we've decided to put Console Arcade on hold for the foreseeable future. In no way is the site shutting for good, too much love and care has been poured into this endeavour for that to happen, we just felt it was important to share this information with our readers and fans (all ten of you).

Once time and circumstances permit, we'll be back twice as strong and even more committed to what we do, because that's the type of people we are. We either give our all or we don't, and you wouldn't (and shouldn't expect) anything less than that from us. When the time comes we'll be back giving our honest point of view on games, giving you the reader the Console Arcade you've grown to know and appreciate through the years.

While this isn't goodbye, we'd like to thank the many people who gave their support to the site in lots of different ways over the years; the publishers and games designers who were kind to us (and even those who weren't), the other sites that offered their support and help when we needed it (and even those who didn't) and all those who provided us with countless laughs and entertainment.

But we'd be nothing without our readers and so we thank you for all your support from the bottom of our hearts. Keep your bookmark for the site firmly in place as one of these days we'll be back, we assure you of that.

Our very best,

Jamie, Keith and the writers of Console Arcade.