Rumour Microsoft to drop Points system?

Its another one of those rumours that requires you to absorb a massive dose of salt as you read it, but theres a rumbling that Microsoft might be planning to ditch their phoney money system by the end of the year.

I say take it as rumour because its coming in the form of a `we know a man in the know who told us that` first posted by website InsideMobileApps. Just the one source, and as usual its spread around the Internet news sites like wildfire.

InsideMobileApps claims that Microsoft is telling developers of their mobile platforms to prepare for this change in advance. Its assumed that this will stretch to things like XBLA too and apparently users with existing Points balances will have them converted to the equivalent cash-monies for their relevant region.

Cue lots of hysteria by people that there wont be any more pre-paid card or sales on the cash equivalent cards, which is not true; See the PSN cards which are now readily available in real money amounts and that regularly get discounted by retailers.Theres also lots of wild speculation that this is in time for the launch of a new system. God bless Internet hysteria.

Personally Id like to hope this news is true and that the dropping of Microsoft Points does become a reality. Its long been a pain and a handy way for developers to hide price discrpeancies between regions. Its also been a bit of a sham system since Games on Demand and Zune use real world prices.

Only time will tell if this really is on the cards (no pun intended!)


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